ACQUIN European Activities

ACQUIN contributes to the enhancement of the Higher Education Area by providing in depth expertise in current quality assurance topics and efficient management of EU funds.

Policy Reform & Capacity Building Projects

  • improving the quality of education and training in Europe
  • promoting transnational learning and cooperation between authorities
  • addressing challenges in the management and governance of higher education institutions
  • developing the basis for evidence based policy-making

Strategic Partnership Projects

  • fostering cooperation across different regions of the world through joint initiatives
  • developing and sharing innovative practices, peer learning and exchanges of experiences
  • supporting innovation and the exchange of good practices


Taking into account various quality cultures within the European Higher Education Area, ACQUIN actively participates in different co-funded projects together with its international and European partners in a variety of topics, including among others: 

• International & European accreditation and certification procedures in Higher Education and Vocational Educational Training (VET)
• Quality Assurance  & Monitoring of projects’ management and deliverables
• External Evaluation of projects
• Training of international experts & reviewers
• Enhancement of International & European mobility
• Support implementation of ESG in different regions
• Relevance of Higher Education to ever-changing labour market needs
• Development of university self-assessment systems
• Exchange of good practices from German experience



DEQAR CONNECT (2020-2022)

The project was selected for EU co-funding under the Erasmus PLUS call to support the implementation of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) reforms. DEQAR is EQAR’s Database of External Quality Assurance Reports, launched in 2018. For more information on the DEQAR CONNECT project:

GDPR4H (2018-2020)

GDPR4H Project “Upgrading the Health Sector with high-skilled Data Protection Officers (DPOs) under GDPR” was successfully granted by the German Agency BiBB under Erasmus+. The project is a pioneer in the field and will set the basis for a European approach in the sensitive field of health and patient data monitoring. For more information on the GDPR4H project:

ELDICARE (2018-2020)

EldiCare Project “Matching skills in a growing European Silver Economy” was successfully granted by EACEA under Sector Skills Alliances (SSA) to offer a pathway out of the atypical/undeclared elderly care givers, through education and training in ICT & health applications. For more information on the EldiCare project:

DataPRO (2018-2020)

DataPRO Project was successfully granted by EACEA’s KA3 Policy Reform “Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training” and its aim is to incorporate the new digital mentality under GDPR 2016/679 to companies, employees and young learners, while responding to the fragmented certification system in the field. For more information on the DataPRO project:

For new project opportunities and partnership please do not hesitate to contact us. 




Giorina Maratsi

EU Project Manager

Fon +49 (0)921/530390-86

Greek | English | German



• European Social Fund Project “Making Quality Visible”, Malta, 2015
• Quality Assurance in the Higher Education Change Agenda
(QAHECA), 2009
• ACQUIN/AUQA/HETAC Quality Agencies Benchmarking Project, 2006
• Institutional Evaluation Programm of the European University Association (EUA), 2006
• Accreditation – Pathway to Quality Assurance, 2010-2012
• Modernising Teacher Education in a Euopean Perspective, 2010-2012
• QASYR – Assurance Qualité dans les Instituts Intermédiaires en Syrie, 2009-2011
• Formation à l´Evaluation Externe au Maroc, 2006
• Quality Assurance in Higher Tertiary Education, 2006
Other Initiatives:
• Project of the International Center for Higher Education Research Kassel (INCHER) «External and internal quality assurance of study and teaching through accreditation and evaluation procedures», 2018
• Member of QACHE Project “Quality Assurance of Cross-border Higher Education”, 2013-2016
• Participation on BMBF Ukrainian-German Forum «Education, Science, Innovation at Universities: Current Challenges» in Kiev, 2014
• Member of the working group «Impact of Quality Assurance» set up by ENQA in 2012