ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance-Institute) is a non-profit, registered association. In addition to the meanwhile 160 HEIs in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Lebanon, its members also include professional and trade associations close to science.

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The Executive Board consists of five people, namely two representatives each from the universities and universities of applied sciences as well as one representative from professional practice and is composed of the following persons:

  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kempgen, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Jost, Vice President of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (Vice-Chairwoman)
  • Prof. Dr. Folker Roland, Rector of Harz University of Applied Sciences (Treasurer)
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen, Vice President of Leibniz University Hannover

  • Dr. Andreas Dold, former Managing Director, Aldi Langenselbold GmbH & Co. KG

Until July 2006, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus D. Wolff was chairman of the board of ACQUIN e. V., Bayreuth. From 2006 to April 2018, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Zimmermann, Bauhaus University Weimar, was Chairman of the Management Board.

The executive board is responsible for:

  • the establishment of a secretariat and the appointment of a managing director
  • preparation of the annual budget plan
  • the acquisition of the associations and institutions relevant for accreditation as members of the association as well as for all fundamental questions of membership
  • the adoption of resolutions on the admission and exclusion of members
  • the conclusion of agreements with other accreditation bodies in coordination with the Accreditation Council


The General Assembly is organised at least once a year in order to:

  • elect the members of the Board and the auditor
  • appoint the members of the accreditation commission
  • approve the report of the Board as well as to discharge the board
  • pass resolutions on the business plan and other matters, which are mentioned in the statutes

It also confirms the procedural principles and assessment criteria established by the Accreditation Commission and makes proposals to the Accreditation Commission for the design of the procedural principles and assessment criteria, fixes the amount and due date of the membership fees and decides on legal remedies for excluded members.

You will find a list of the names of all current members as well as information on membership under the heading Members.


Membership in ACQUIN e.V. is open to German and foreign higher education institutions as well as commercial enterprises, professional associations, chambers and public institutions. After receipt of the application for admission, the Board decides on the admission in accordance with the statutes.

You can get an overview of the current members of ACQUIN e.V. from our member list.


In accordance with ACQUIN’s Articles of Association (§11), the Complaints Commission was established to ensure an orderly and independent complaint procedure for objections of ACQUIN’s contractual partners against decisions on accreditation.

At the ACQUIN General Assembly on 30 May 2016, the Complaints Commission was elected and is composed as follows: