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Mission statement of the agency

In accordance with the mission statement of ACQUIN, the promotion and further development of quality assurance at higher education institutions is not seen as a nationally limited task, but as a global project. In line with the idea of the Bologna Process, ACQUIN therefore contributes to the implementation of quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and other world regions.

The implementation of all quality assurance procedures abroad is based on the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” (ESG) [German version; French version; Russian version].

Regional priority regions

  • Region Central Asia
  • Region Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe
  • Region North Africa, Arabic-speaking countries
  • Region Austria-Switzerland

Strategic fields of activity

  • International Programme Accreditation Procedures
  • International Procedures of Institutional Accreditation
  • Cooperation in international networks
  • Projects with foreign accreditation agencies




Programme accreditations abroad

Abroad ACQUIN carries out programme accreditations in all subjects and at all types of higher education institutions based on the ESG. The process of programme accreditation at foreign universities is equivalent to procedures at universities in Germany. A three-step procedure is applied, which includes an examination of the accreditation documents submitted by the higher education institution by the ACQUIN secretariat, an on-site visit by an expert group with subsequent recommendation for a decision and the adoption of a resolution by the Accreditation Commission.

Details on programme accreditation procedures are can be found in the ACQUIN Guidelines for International Programme Accreditations.

Further information on the accreditation of doctoral and PhD programmes can be found in the ACQUIN Guidelines for Doctoral Programmes.

Institutional Accreditation

In addition to programme accreditation procedures, institutional accreditation procedures are another type of procedure for assessments carried out abroad. While the assessment of dregree programmes aims at the determination of quality assurance standards at the level of study programmes, the procedure of Institutional Accreditation focuses on the organisation and functioning of the entire higher education institution. The areas of teaching and learning, research and internal governance are included in the assessment. This includes an analysis and assessment of decision-making processes, institutionalised structures, resources, the effectiveness of strategic management, internal quality assurance instruments, the use of teaching and learning methods and the research orientation of the higher education institution.

ACQUIN describes details of institutional accreditation procedures in the Guidelines for Institutional Accreditation Procedures.


Dr. Alexander Rudolph

Head of the International Unit

Fon +49 (0)921/530390-85