The International Institutional Accreditation by ACQUIN is a structured external audit of higher education institutions on a tertiary level.
As an external quality assurance instrument, the International Institutional Accreditation clarifies in an institutional audit whether the performance of a higher education institution in teaching and research is in accordance with scientific standards. The International Institutional Accreditation therefore aims at the safeguarding of the scientific performance of a higher education institution (HEI) including the internal quality assurance.

The focus of the institutional accreditation is the institution as a whole and not the single study program. Thus, the following aspects are central:

• Decision-making processes

• The analysis of institutional structures

• Effectiveness of strategic management

• Relevance of internal quality management processes and the degree to which their outcomes are used in decision making and strategic management as well as perceived gaps in these internal mechanisms

• Resources

• Teaching and learning

• Quality assurance

The basis for the assessment is first of all part 1 of the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European” (ESG). Further, the evaluation is based on the criteria for the institutional accreditation of non-state higher education institution of the German Scientific Council („Institutionelle Akkreditierung nichtstaatlicher Hochschulen“ (Abschnitt B.IV) des Deutschen Wissenschaftsrates).




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